We Odd, Indigo, and Turnstyles of our sound collective, make fun loving music and visual arts. 

Odd does: Beats/Programming - Synths - Lyrics - Vocals - Photography - 3D Renderings - Sculpture from Found Objects and Recyclables

Indigo: Beats/Programming - Lyrics - Vocals - Drawing from Color Pencils - Oil Pastels

Turnstyles: Electric Guitar - Bass Guitar - Turntablism.   

Follow us on Instagram,   Odd: @nickromeoarts  &  Indigo: @noellromeoarts

We specialize in Electronica, Alternative Indie Rock, Trip-Hop, Down-Tempo, Industrial, and some ambient music. 

More will be posted soon, so please keep on checking back with us often...our website is ever changing.  Thank you!

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